UNIST Celebrates New Year Gathering 2019

The ceremony was held in the auditorium of Main Admin. Bldg. at UNIST on January 2, 2019.
Jan 02, 2019 Joo Hyeon Heo Public Relations Team

Earlier today, UNIST President Mooyoung Jung extended his New Year greeting, wishing the entire UNIST community a year full of happiness and prosperity.

In his New Year’s message this year, President Jung recounted, “The year 2018 has been a rewarding year for all of us, as UNIST has proved its scientific excellence and competitiveness in the worldwide university assessments.”

president UNIST President Mooyoung Jung extends his new year’s greetings to all members of the UNIST community at the New Year’s Kick-off meeting on January 2, 2019.

President Jung expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all members of the UNIST community, aseembled in the auditorium of Main Administration Building at UNIST by saying, “These accomplishments would not have been possible without the support and commitment from the entire UNSIT community.”

He adds, “The year 2019 is an important year for UNIST, as it marks the 12th anniversary of UNIST’s establishment and marks its 10th anniversary.”

On the threshold of another promising year of growth and development, President Jung has asked the entire UNIST community for their understanding, support, and committment to ensure that 2019 is an especially successful year.

“The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past,” says President Jung. “If we could learn from the past and use it as a stepping stone to look to a brighter future, I am certain the next 10 years will come back with even greater future.”

At the ceremony, Professor Changduk Yang in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering was awarded with the Global Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the improvement of UNIST’s reputation. He has conducted extensive and excellent research, as well as won several research projects in the past year.

Team Leader Jaecheon Lee (Integrated Administrative Support Team, Industry-University Convergence Campus) and Sangho Jeon (Human Resources and Management Team) were both awarded with the Convergence Award.

prize From left are Professor Changduk Yang (School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, UNIST), Team Leader Jaecheon Lee (Integrated Administrative Support Team), President Mooyoung Jung of UNIST, Team Leader Sangho Jeon (Human Resources and Management Team), Kwangho Lee (Research Management Team), and Taijin Park (Public Relations Team).

At the ceremony, Kwangho Lee (Research Management Team) and Taijin Park (Public Relations Team) were also honored with the Creative Award.

The aexemplary staff members were also recognized for their excellent services to UNIST. The following recipients were honored with the Individual Service and Contribution Awards at the ceremony: Inho Kim (Information Technology Team), Seungmin Baek (Human Resources and Management Team), Yulee Kwon (Library Team), Eun Jeong Kwon (Planning & Coordination Team), Jiyoon Kim (Administrative Office, School of Materials Science and Engineering), Sohee Park (Administrative Office, School of Mechanical Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering), Changhoon Park (Finance Team), and Taekgi Lee (Student Affairs Team).

Based on the 2018 Team Assessment, the following teams were also recognized for their outstanding performance. In the business sector, the following three winning teams were announced: Business Innovation Team, Tech Business Incubation Center, and Startup Support Team. In the support services sector, the following teams were selected: Library team, Super Computing Center, Language Education Center, as well as Health Care Center. In the academic sector, the following administrative offices were praised for their excellence in performance: School of Mechanical Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering, School of Urban and Environmental Engineering, and School of Materials Science and Engineering.