Access to our comprehensive support network empowers students, ensuring they thrive and maintain a clear focus on the curriculum.

  • 1Scholarship Policy


    of tuition fee supportedas of Mar.,2018

    We grant GSIM scholarship to the qualified students.

    * Amount of Schlarship: 20% ~ 60% of the tuition fees

    • Contact at+82-52-217-3671
  • 2Financial Support

    Students from GSIM can participate in various national/international practical activities such as academic conference, certificate program, field trip, etc. and all activities will be partially supported.
    See what our students had carried out!

    • Contact at+82-52-217-3671
  • 3Dormitory

    • 9 apartment-style dormitory units (As of Oct.2014,  7 units are currently in operation).
    • Able to accommodate a total of 3,870 students.
    Dormitory Accommodation Rate : 100% Average Occupancy Rate : 92.27%
    • Contact at+82-52-217-9696, 9656