Two UNIST Students Pursue Dual Degree in Business


UNIST and Cass announce dual degree program, allowing students to further expand their global network.

The Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Management (GSIM) at UNIST has launched a new joint MSc program on selected courses with Cass Business in London, United Kingdom. This dual-degree Masters course, starting in January, will give UNIST students the chance to take part in the second and third terms of Cass MSc programs on selected courses. At the end of the course, they will be awarded two degrees concurrently by Cass and UNIST. Established in 1966, Cass Business School is based in the heart of London, the financial capital of the world. Part of the University of London, Cass is among the global elite of business schools. This unique dual master’s program allows students to pursue two master’s degrees simultaneously from Cass and UNIST. Both universities now offer courses in Energy, Trade and Finance, which will contribute significantly to the cultivation of energy trading experts. This year, the students who received the honor are JaeHyung Lee and SeoYoung Kim in the Graduate School of Energy Commodity Trading & Financial Engineering (ECTFE). They both began studying at UNIST in the Spring of 2017 and have completed two semesters together. After completing two semesters at Cass, they will return to UNIST for their final school year before graduation. Established in 2012, GSIM is committed to cultivate competent leaders with a global perspective and an innovative capability to excel in the theory and practice of both business and technology management. GSIM offers program specializes in the area of energy commodity trading and financial engineering (ECTFE), business analytics(Biztics) and E&I (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) program.