The annual GSIM Big Data Symposium is an invaluable networking experience. The symposium provides a space for participants to meet and connect with peers in their field, as well as attend several big data analysis-themed sessions on various topics. Participants will have the advantage of consulting and sharing specific information with one another. They will also have the unique opportunity of establishing or enlarging their research and industry networks, leading to important connections and contacts they might otherwise miss.

4th International <br> Trading Conference

4th International
Trading Conference

2014 International Conference on Strategy for expending financial infrastructure of the Northeast Asia oil hub

Finance infrastructure expansion plans of Northeast Asia oil hub

  • Date :
    uly 22, 2014
  • Venue :
    Crystal Ballroom, Lotte Hotel Ulsan
  • Organizers :
    UNIST, The Bank of Korea(Ulsan), KyungsangIlbo, Ulsan Port Authority
  • Sponsors :
    Ulsan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Speakers:
    ean-Luc Amos and 3 others
  • Debaters:
    ang Chul-Hwang and 4 others