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We invite you as a student of GSIM!

Guidelines for 2018 Fall 1st Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Management Admission


Schedule Fall Remark
Online application 18.4.17(Tue.), 10:00 ~ 5.10(Thu.), 18:00  
Submission of Documents 18.4.17(Tue.) ~ 5.11(Fri.), 18:00 By Post or Visit(Postmarked by deadline)
Announcement of Documents Screening 18.5.31(Thu.), 16:00 GSIM
Interview 18.6.4(Mon.) ~ 6.15(Fri.) UNIST
Announcement of Successful Candidates 18.7.11(Wed.), 10:00 GSIM
Registration 18.7.11(Wed.), 10:00 ~ 7.17Tue.), 16:00

※ Online Application
- Korean Students: http://www.uwayapply.com, International Students: http://adm-g.intl.unist.ac.kr

※ The dates above are subject to change without a prior notice.

※ Datails on the interview will be released by department.

Department and Degree

Department and Degree
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Management PSM MEI

Energy Commodity Trading & Financial Engineering


Business Analytics


Entrepreneurship & Innovation


※ PSM : Professional Science Master's , MEI : Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Master's Program

  • Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree or who will be awarded a bachelor’s degree by the first day of class or who have an educational background equivalent to the above.
  • Applicants who submit an English test score.

Details on English test score

  • Applicants should submit the test result of one of TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS, G-TELP or TOEIC S/W, and the test date shall be within 2 years of the online application deadline.
  • Guide line
(Level 2)
(Level 3)
Score 800 80 213 550 5.5 640 67 89 270
  • Applicants do not need to submit the English test report if they submit one of the following.
  • ※ Applicants who submit a certificate stating that they have completed all of the master's courses in English.
    ※ Applicants who are native English speakers (U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, etc)

Admission Process


  • 1st evaluation (Document screening): Decisions are based on the applicant’s academic achievements, potential, and personal accomplishments.
  • 2nd evaluation (Interview): Decisions are based on the applicant’s basic knowledge of major, level of interest in research, proficiency in English, and personal accomplishments.

Required Documents

Required Documents
1 Application Form
2 Diploma (certificate) of bachelor’s degree
3 Transcripts of bachelor’s degree
4 English test report
5 Study Plan
6 Personal Statement
7 Letter of agreement
8 Additional documents

※ ○: Mandatory △: Optional

Important notes

  • All the required documents must arrive to UNIST GSIM office by the deadline.
  • Application Form: Print out the completed application form.
  • Diploma (certificate) of bachelor’s degree
    ※ University in Korea: Applicants who graduated from a university should submit the original diploma. If he or she is prospective graduate, he or she shall submit an original certificate of registration.
    ※ University in abroad: Applicants who graduated from a university abroad should submit the original diploma or the notarized copy. (Prospective graduate shall submit a certificate of registration.) Successful candidates should submit the letter of agreement(Attached form 7), the diploma and the transcripts with apostille or authentic in Korean embassy.
  • Transcripts: Applicants should submit the original transcripts. If applicants transferred from another university, an additional transcript are required of the university.
  • Study Plan/Personal Statement: Fill out the attached form after the online application and should be written in English.
  • English test score: Test date shall be within 2 years of the online application deadline. UNIST do not accept the English test score after the deadline. (One of the TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, TEPS, G-TELP or TOEIC S/W)
  • Letter of Agreement: Applicants who have studied abroad should submit the letter of agreement.
  • Additional documents: Any documents showing applicants’ qualification or research achievements will do.
  • Certificate(s) should be issued within 1 month from the start date of the online application.

Application Process


- Korean student
U-way UNIST admission website
  • Application fee: \80,000 (Including the commission \5,000)
  • To complete the online application, the application fee should be paid. After that, the admission number is automatically created.
  • The application can not be modified after completing the online application (creating application number).
  • Application Form, test verification, envelop cover can be reprinted from the website.
- International student
International student
  • No application fee
- Address
  • UNIST Building #308, 10, Tekeunosaneop-ro 55beon-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea 44776
  • Contact: psm@unist.ac.kr

Announcement of successful candidates

Announcement of successful result(2018 Fall 1st)

  • Documents screening: 18.5.31(Thu.), 16:00
  • Successful Candidates: 18.7.11(Wed), 10:00

Important information

  • All the Applicants should check the screening result at the GSIM website. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check the result.
  • The result shall be checked only at the website.
  • Admission shall be cancelled if the successful candidate fails to pay the admission fee at the designated date and the bank.

Important Notes

Important notes

  • Online application and required documents should be submitted by post or in person.
  • Applicant's major or program can be changed according to the decision.
  • Applicants, who do not submit the documents by the deadline or do not attend the interview, will not be accepted.
  • Applicants will not receive their submitted documents and the application fee after completing the online application.
  • If the applicants acquire an admission illegally, the admission shall be cancelled. Furthermore, if a criminal case is suspected, the applicants will be reported to the authorities in both of the countries in accordance with the law.
  • If the successful candidate does not graduate from previous school by the enrollment date (starting date of study in UNIST), his/her admission will be cancelled.
  • Successful candidates who have studied abroad should submit the diploma and the transcripts with apostille or having been authenticated in a Korean embassy. Their admissions shall be cancelled if they do not submit the documents.
  • Successful candidates who have studied in China should submit the documents issued by the Ministry of Chinese Education. (中國高等敎育學歷査詢報告; http://www.chsi.com.cn )
  • Applicants must read the admission guideline carefully.
  • The UNIST GSIM committee will decide further details or issues that can not be specified in these guidelines.