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Many companies are applying the ‘BIG DATA’ to run the company. Business Analytics program, which is first course to be established in the country, is a professional training education program to cultivate analysts and decision-makers. Therefore, in the course of Business Analytics, you can learn professional analysis techniques which requires a necessary knowledge and skill in statistics, data mining, and analysis programming. We also offer courses on market analysis, management strategy, information management, and many more. With a cooperative relationship with overseas research institutes and inviting overseas scholars, it is the highest level of educational environment.

Practical curriculum, emphasizing on both experience and theory

Information analysis techniques, how to apply the results of the analysis (data mining, analysis programs, etc.)

Establish a cooperative relationship by MOU with ERCIS

Provides e-Learning course of SCBP by SAS Korea

To improve the quality of education inviting scholars from abroad

Supporting outstanding students to participate in research project

Korea’s first “Big Data analysis experts” program to be certified by overseas PSM

Advisory Board in Biztics

  • Byoung-Gyoo Kim (Executive Director, Global Trading/Korea investment & Securities Co., Ltd.)
  • Sang-Hoon Lee (Senior Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Insight Team at Oracle Corporation)
  • Seung-Eun Baeck (Consulting Principal, Entru consulting BU(business unit) Financial service group)
  • Jaeyoung Yoo (Director of Information Analysis Center, Korea Insitute of Science and Technology Information)
  • Jeonghan Hong (TNS Global)
  • Hong-Yeul Lee (Senior Vice-President of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.)
  • Younghack Chun (Professor, Louisiana State University)
  • Mi-Ra Yun (Director, Customer Advocacy Division of SAS Korea)
  • Kihwang Lee (Director, Daumsoft Inc.)