Professional Program on ECTFE

The annual ECTFE certificate program provides professionals with the opportunity to grow and enhance their skills. Lead by instructors from renowned organizations, the ability to make meaningful career progress is now possible.

  • Tuition fee : KRW 1,500,000 per course
  • Certificate : 20 hours per course


Course Dates Time Affiliation
Supply Chains and Oil Markets: Upstream 09-04-2018
to 13-04-2018
16:00~21:00 JTD Energy Service
/Sierra Vista Recource
Downstream and Midstream 16-04-2018
to 20-04-2018
16:00~21:00 JTD Energy Service
/Sierra Vista Recource
Generation Fuels
(LNG, Themal coal, Marekts and Inter-fuel Competition)
to 06-07-2018
16:00~21:00 Argus Media
Physical Crude & Products Trading,
Markets Structure, and Optimization
to 19-10-2018
16:00~21:00 JTD Energy Service
Trading Simulation, Paper, Trading and Price Risk 22-10-2018
to 26-10-2018
16:00~21:00 Argus Media

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